Academic and Civil Service Leader with AI Expertise

I am an experienced educator and quantitative researcher in criminal justice, technology, and liberal arts institutions. As an award-winning Program Specialist at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), I have developed and designed course material for employees and administrative staff. My passion for higher education is demonstrated through teaching courses in Liberal Arts and Criminal Justice. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Doctor of Education in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education program at Gwynedd Mercy University.

Career Achievements:

  • AI Expertise in Education: Specializing in teacher preparedness for AI adoption, I explore the readiness of higher education instructors to incorporate AI technologies into their teaching practices, including proficiency levels, attitudes, and training needs.
  • Faculty and Academic Affairs Professional: Committed to student success, learning outcomes, enrollment, retention, and graduation. Recognized faculty member in Liberal Arts and Criminal Justice departments at community colleges, tech institutes, and 4-year universities.
  • Program Development Specialist: Developed training courses for the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office at DHS, used to train Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel.
  • Elected Councilman: Served the Borough of Lake Como, passing municipal ordinances and budgets, participating in annual budget planning, capital improvement plans, and fund planning.
  • Academic Instructor: Over 200 course credits taught in Law, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Statistics, providing exceptional contributions to student learning experiences.

I specialize in Criminal Justice and am pursuing a Doctor of Education in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. I hold a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with certifications in Copyright Law, Mediation, and the Municipal Elected Officials Certificate Program. My academic contributions include authoring publications and presenting at professional conferences.